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Foreign Exchange Rates. View up-to-date buying and selling rates for the Philippine Peso versus 6 of the major currencies (USD, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, HKD, and Euro).

The Card rates are subject to revision from time to time, due to factors such as market wlatility, and at total discretion ofSC8 We are committed to apply card rates for all forex transactions irrespective of notional amount of such transactions We will also apply card rates Foreign Currencies, Foreign Exchange Rates | DBS Singapore Find currency and foreign exchange rates for buying and selling currencies at DBS Bank. Telegraphic Transfer rates and On Demand are rates available involving foreign exchange. Check Now! Foreign Currencies, Foreign Exchange rates IPB Pricing Guide - Fees and Rates - Citibank IPB Singapore Citibank IPB provides the standard fees table for its transaction accounts, time deposits and other products. You can refer to this pricing guide for more information of your accounts.

Foreign Exchange Rates against Singapore Dollar. Print. The prices shown here are indicative only and are subject to change without prior notice. They are not to be taken as an offer to contract. United Overseas Bank Group shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on the

Jun 25, 2006 But, if you use your Citibank card to withdraw money from your checking account at a foreign Citibank A.T.M., there's still a foreign exchange fee  Citibank International Personal Bank (IPB) Singapore is a business unit of Citibank Singapore that specializes in offshore investment and wealth management  Compare and get the best exchange rates from banks and money changers for your travel and vacation needs. Citibank – Online Foreign Exchange eFX - Citibank Singapore

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Citibank Foreign Exchange (FX/Forex) Services helps diversify your portfolio risk while also being able to capture any upside opportunities from its unique advantages such as high liquidity and profit potential from foreign exchange rising and falling prices.

Citibank Singapore I'm sorry, your session may have been timed out. Please click CitiBank Online to go to Citibank Online. Maybank Kim Eng - Forex Foreign Exchange market is often known as Forex or FX market. The FX market is by far the most liquid financial market worldwide that operates 24 hours a day 5 days a week. The daily turnover recorded *US$5 trillion across different FX instruments such as Spot, Outright Forwards, FX Swaps, Currency Swaps and FX Options.

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Foreign Exchange (FX) & Interest Rates of the ... - Citibank All interest rates are annualized interest rates that are for reference only and are not guaranteed. The actual time deposit interest rates would depend on the terms and conditions of the promotion offers, deposit amount, currency, tenor and interest rate on the value date.

Convert Currency Instantly & Securely With FX Spots - Citi UK Convert currency using FX Spots and hold your money in 11 different currencies so you have access to the right currency at the right time. Take advantage of currency fluctuations with FX Spots to diversify your investment portfolio. Also, withdraw money in the local currency at …